Aarhus Sportsdanserforening:

Welcome to Aarhus Dancesport Federation (Aarhus Sportsdanserforening in Danish), who is abbreviated AAS.


Our Club offers a professional environment where all dancers continuously enhance their knowledge, skills and competences and exploit the gained experiences in order to be successful on the highest national and international competitive levels of Sports Dancing.


Our Club have competent, experienced and committed coaches, who work hard to improve every single dancer’s competitive performance. The present team - from DanceZone Denmark - consist of Peter Stokkebroe, Kristina Stokkebroe, Lene James Mikkelsen, Emanuel Valeri, Tania Kehlet, Martino Zanibellato, Michelle Abildtrup, Mathias Kehlet and Valeria Kehlet. Frank and Susanne Radich Holde is additionally also assigned to the Club.


We believe that a dancer’s well-being and competitive performance is depending on the community, the personal development and the increased challenges provided by us. 


We can offer you:

  • Physical and technical training in Ballroom dancing and Latin dancing in a creative environment with some of the best coaches in the World. 
  • Free access to dancing facilities all seven days a week.  
  • Good fellowship and sportsmanship among dedicated dancers who follow our Code of Conduct that encouraged all members to show our unique AAS ethos.


We are a traditionally Danish Sports Club lead by a board supported by several committees. Everyone is dedicated volunteers who aims for as well short-termed as long-termed ambitious objectives. 

Hard work from the members and their families have created the ASS of today. AAS has an effective organisation, access to suitable facilities and a solid economic basis. AAS focus on further development by selecting and prioritising numerous tangible objectives. 


We are members of Danish Dancesport Federation and the Sports Confederation of Denmark.


Some members went all the way and became European- and World Champions: 

  • Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet (still active as professionals)
  • Martino Zanibellato and Michelle Abildtrup
  • Peter Stokkebroe and Kristina Stokkebroe
  • Klaus Kongsdal and Victoria Franova
  • Allan Tornsberg and Vibeke Toft
  • Glenn Weiss and Gillian Thickett 
  • Colin James and Lene James Mikkelsen


We are located in the second largest city in Denmark named Aarhus at: 

  • The Team Danmark Centre - Stadion Allé 68 - 8000 Aarhus C and 
  • Studio 43 - Arresøvej 43 - 8240 Risskov


Please contact us on mail@aarhusdans.dk


Please come, visit us, and try to dance with AAS. Contact Vibeke Pieper Petersen


Questions considering our different types of memberships, how to be a member, how to live in Denmark and so on, please contact Vibeke Pieper Petersen who will connect you with one of our special matter experts.